Lease or Rent a House Home Apartment Off-Campus in Bloomington Indiana


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2 Bedroom Houses
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5 Bedroom Houses
6 Bedroom Houses


Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our properties or the sequence of events leading up to the signing of the lease. It is our job to guide you through the entire rental process.

Rose-lo Properties currently leases to many students attending school at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Lease Application Form - OnLine

Lease Application (Online for MAC & PC)

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Lease Application (PC)
Lease Agreement
Lease Guaranty (In Lease Agreement)
Lease Guaranty Signature Page Only
Smoke Detector Form (In Lease Agreement)
Sublease Form
Tenant & Owners Rights & Responsibilities
Move-In Procedure

Tips for Lease or Rent of Housing Off-Campus in Bloomington IndianaLeasing for College Housing Tips
  • Decide how much you are willing to spend on housing.
  • Think about the up-front costs.
  • What are your transportation needs?
  • Select two or three areas near campus that meet your requirements.
  • Contact us for more help and recommendations.